How to Stop your Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves from Turning Yellow

You may be worried about why you fiddle leaf fig trees’ leaves are turning yellow. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! There could be a few reasons why this is happening to your tree. Before you give up all hope, below I will outline the most common reason for the yellowing leaves.

Your yellowing leaves may be completely normal:

You may have nothing to worry about . If your plant looks healthy overall but there are one or two older leaves that are yellowing, this may be due to normal aging for your plant. It is very common for plants to drop older leaves after they begin to get older and start new growth. I have seen it many times in my plants, the older, smaller leaves, usually towards the bottom of the plant, will begin to turn yellow and brown and eventually fall off.

So if your plant looks happy and perky and, you’re giving it normal care, I would not worry too much as it is just normal leaf dropping due to aging. Continue reading for other causes of yelling leaves.

Environmental factors that can cause yellow leaves on your fiddle leaf fig:

There are plenty of environmental reasons that could be causing your yellowing problems. I will go over the most common problems that I see the most.

Not Enough Lighting:

The number one environmental factor that I see cause yellow leaves is not enough lighting. Your fiddle leaf fig loves the sun! Simply giving your fiddle proper sunlight may solve your problem and promote healthy growing.

Contrary to popular belief, fiddle leaf figs do great in high light and even full light environments! So give your fig tree the proper sun it needs and you will have a happy plant on your hands. I place mine in a south west facing window, so it gets plenty of sunlight.

Your plant may have root rot:

Root rot is very common for houseplants as people tend to over water their plants when they believe their plant is not getting enough water. Common signs of root rot in your fiddle are,

  • Drooping of the leaves.
  • Brown spots forming around the middle and edges of the leaves.
  • The leaves will most likely start to turn yellow.
  • Leaf drop start to happen faster as normal as well, the lower leaves tend to drop first before the rest.

To avoid root rot you should follow these steps to keep your plant happy and healthy.

  • Give your plant the proper amount of sunlight so it can properlly use the water.
  • Do not over water your plant, as too much water will sit at the roots of the plant and start to rot the roots.
  • Set a regular schedule for watering your fiddle leaf fig. The general rule is to water only once a week.
  • Wait a week between waterings. Check the top inch of the soil with your finger to see if it dry or not. If the soil is still moist you should wait a few more days until the top inch of the soil is dry to the touch.

You should try fertilizing your plant.

A lack of proper nutrients in your plants soil can cause yelling of the leaves. Your plant needs the proper amount of necessary nutrients in the soil to have healthy leaves. Many soils do not have the proper nutrients for the fiddle leaf fig and your plant may be starving.

In order to combat the lack of nutrients, you can add fertilizer to the soil. The type of fertilizer that you need for your fiddle must have the right NPK ratio. The proper NPK ratio for the fiddle leaf fig is 9:3:6. The NPK ratio is the ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium in the fertilizer.

Luckily there is a fertilizer that you can buy that is perfect for your fiddle. Foliage Pro by Dyna-Gro has the perfect NPK ratio for the FLF. I use the fertilizer on all my FLFs and they are all loving it and growing healthily.

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